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Learn in Quito with expert Spanish Teachers


If you are looking for a quality Spanish course with professional teachers in a welcoming and pleasant school; If you wish to study Spanish and travel making new friends while you get to know and enjoy culture, music, gastronomy, museums and nature walks; then the Spanish School Galapagos in Quito, is for you. Our program has been developed following the highes international guidelines for language teaching.

Our Spanish School is a well reputated, internationally recognized for its quality and service, since 1989. Thousands of g people from almost all over the world have studied with us. We have a wide variety of courses and we start classes every week at all levels. From the first day you will feel welcomed and supported.

We are:

  1. Highly qualified to teach Spanish to non-Spanish speakers.
  2. All have M.A. and Bachelor University Degrees in Language or Spanish-Literature, with more than 25 years of teaching experience.
  3. All of our teachers undergo training to learn different methods and to perfect their grammatical knowledge of our language.
  4. Structured online Spanish courses with competent trainers
  5. Director and tutors are 100 % ecuadorian expert teachers.

For short or long term goals, if you want to learn a language for travel or for academic purposes, if you need customized and individual language training or tutoring, if your child, school or company needs Spanish language instruction or private lessons we can and will deliver the results that you are looking for.

Learn in Quito with expert Spanish Teachers · Highly qualified to teach Spanish to non-Spanish speakers. · All have M.A. and Bachelor University Degrees in Languages and Literature by some of the major universities in Ecuador.

Our Language teachers are all professional and have the right attitudes to help you learn . Their proven techniques are well established and our past students offer high praise for the attention and education received here at our school. Here you have just a few names of the top Spanish teachers in South America:

Sofía Velasco is 20 years teaching experience She is always trying to help and encourage students to develop their skills for comprenhension and also for speaking. Elisa has a deep knowledge of Spanish grammar, phonetics, structure of the language as well as teaching techniques. She is always ready to teach to beginners, intermediates or advanced students.

Carolina Delgado has been teaching at our School for 16 years now. She was born at the coast of Ecuador. Her accent is helping our students to better unsdestand native Spanish speakers from different regions. Rocío loves to teach Spanish and she is a fun and very professional Spanish teacher.,

Rosita Anrango belongs to the Otavalos Indigenous group, she is our Spanish Language teacher since 1995. "Learnig with Rosita is a real experience, we learn a lot about Spanish language as well as the Otavalo's culture, traditions, history, etc. " We feel so good walking and learning with such a professional teacher."

At Galapagos Spanish School, we offer the best quality of Spanish language instruction in the best location to enjoy the city of Quito. We have Spanish courses  for beginners, intermediates or advanced students.

Our goal is to provide you with a learning experience of excellency and for  life time.


Gladys Barreno: Accounting Major. Customer-focused accounting professional with over 20 years of experience maintaining employee payroll accounts, and managing billings and accounts receivable. Effective troubleshooter and reserver with exceptional verbal and written communication skills.


Mónica Barreno, M. A. in Education Linguistics and Literature, certified Spanish teacher since 1989, by the Central University of Ecuador. Dedicated and student-focussed teaching professional, who is committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all students. Proeficient at tailoring lesson plans to incorporate student`s diverse interest, and class discussions to generate independent thought, improve reading and writing skills and still love for literacy in students. Hard working and trustworthy educator, who strives to collaborate with all members of the school community to meet the needs of students and promote the philosophy of the school.

Paula Barba Buri Profesora de ELE. ELE Classroom Coordinator, mantains professional competence through partcipation in educational activities provided by the school. Assists in the selection and requisitioning of ELE books, aids and supplies to the extent possible. Paula Barba is organizing workshops at Galapagos School, everytime she is visiting Quito.

Licenciatura en Lingüística y Literatura española, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, 1999. Maestría en Enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera, Universitat de Barcelona, 2003. Examinadora de los Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE), Instituto Cervantes Madrid, 2004. Currently, Paula is a Spanish teacher at Klubschule Migros in Bern-Switzerland.

Nathaly Quijia is part of our team since 2021 when she completed successfully her fifth semester as student of Psychology (Central University of Ecuador). Committed to suport and help students while them adjust in the country. Able to provide sustain and coordinated support to students’ social, emotional and behavioral health. Every day, students struggle with a range of issues, including traumas, that complicate their learning, engagement, and overall well-being, ready to collaborate effectively in developing and implementing comprehensive intervention plans to collaborate effectively in developing and implementing comprehensive intervention plans.

Join us today, let`s make memories and bonds together while you take one of our Spanish courses.


Learn in Quito with expert teachers