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Galapagos Spanish School in Quito

About us

Best Spanish courses in Quito Ecuador since 1989, face to face or online instruction with se same passionate teachers.

The mission of The Galápagos Spanish School is to create the ideal conditions for students to obtain Spanish language courses, opportunities which will provide cultural experiences and travel possibilities, achievements enjoyable for a life time.

We also will create and monitor policies and practices that promote a safe lerning envirinment and transmition of latinamerican culture

Galápagos Spanish  School, is fully accredited by Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the External Relations and Foreign Affairs, and meets its rigorous standards, reports progress on an annual basis and participates in an ongoing school improvement process. We also belong to the AECE ( Ecuadorian Spanish Schools Association, since June 5th,1997.

Learn Spanish in Quito with us because......

We offer the best quality of Spanish language instruction in the best location to enjoy the city of Quito. We have Spanish courses for beginners, intermediates or advanced students. Our goal is to provide you with a learning experience of excellency and for life time.

Our accommodations, activities, excursions, Spanish lessons and ongoing support are always taken care of by the dedicated and friendly staff at Galapagos Spanish School.

Headquartered in Quito Ecuador, The Galápagos School  was founded with the aim of linking people to quality language services around the globe. Serving thousands students since 1989, we are one of the top  Spanish Language Schools in Quito Ecuador.

Galápagos Spanish School believes that learning a foreign language can help forge relationships between people of different cultures. Speaking someone else's language will help to understand that culture and will help to break down barriers that divide people and nations. Galápagos School is serving adults, companies, schools and children. Study Spanish at our reputable language school, We are opening the doors of Spanish to the world since 1989.

Our vision:

Since we opened our doors for the first time, we made our goal to provide the highest achievable standard of service to our students, to offer professional Spanish courses always looking for the excelence. Because of our well designed materials, teaching techniques, programs and excellent teachers, we became, we are and will be one of the top Spanish Schools in South America, and one of the best in Quito Ecuador. Experience by yourself the Spanish School in Quito..

Offering custom made Full Immersion Language Programs, since 1989.

Spanish courses for general and professional purposes.

Spanish classes for young learners.

Our teaching techniques have been developed and refined over the past 26 years. All of this experience allows us to better serve our student clients. Identifying those techniques which will ultimately suit each of our individual students, is what sets us apart from other institutions with a cookie cutter approach to teaching.

Accredited by the Ministry of Education since 1991. License # 0066 DINEPP


Galápagos Spanish School began offering students an innovative program for learning Spanish in Ecuador, South America. Quito was lacking in Spanish schools that were progressive in the art of teaching second languages, and Galápagos Spanish School quickly became one of the top choices of students who were interested in an interactive approach to learning Spanish.

Offering Spanish Teaching- Techniques Course, for Spanish teachers since 1994.

  • Endorsed and recommended by Footprint Hanbooks, SAE Members and Language Travel Magazine since 1996.
  • Member and Founder of the AECEE ( Asociación Ecuatoriana de Centros de Ensenanza de Espanol) 1997.
  • Nominated to get the" Iberoamerican Award to the Educative excellence 2005- 2006- 2007- 2008" issued by the Consejo Iberoamericano a la Excelencia Educativa in Lima –Perú.
  • Nominated to get PREMIO SAPIENTIAE 2008, Organização das Américas – ODAEE

Galapagos Spanish School invites you to learn Spanish in South America, in Ecuador with native speakers. Our Spanish School gives you the chance to be part of the Immersion program that opens with an unbeatable price and gives you the opportunity to get Professional Spanish Lessons in Quito.

Our own Galapagos Spanish Immersion Program was developed for maximum improvement of the Spanish language in the shortest possible time, you will get not only a professional language teacher but also our texbooks and reading materials which will let you to get a solid foundation of Spanish Language and the chance to review your Spanish knowledges by yourself.

Learn Spanish through our Spanish Language immersion Program, Study Spanish abroad with Galapagos Spanish School, one of the top Language Schools in South America. You are always welcome, whether you choose to start with a week-long, summer, semester, or year long program.

There are courses for teens, college students, Spanish Teachers, adults and other professionals looking to get head or just get away. Please check us out for more information about quality Spanish courses, immersion programs, Spanish lessons, and our professional Spanish teachers.

IWe are the Spanish School in Quito that you are looking for.

21st. Anniversary celebration, June / 2014


Director: M.A. Mónica Barreno

N22-37 Juan Leon Mera St . between Carrion and Veintimilla, 2nd Floor, La Mariscal

Professional Spanish School in Quito Ecuador

Phone & WhatsApp: 00593 997778818 (24/7

Office: 0059322507315



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