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Spanish Individual lessons in Quito Ecuador at Galápagos Spanish School

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Face to face or online instruction with the same passionate teachers.

There is a teacher for each student. We can guarantee a 1:1 teacher to student ratio, therefore students will be exposed to Spanish language all the time in the School, we will be able to help you to develop your skills for comprenhension and speaking as well.

The teacher will evaluate the actual knowledge that the student has and select the appropriate materials depending on necessity and the time available to learn and improve his/her Spanish knowledge.

Students will have a different teacher each week.

This variation will provide the student the opportunity to hear different pronunciations, dialects and discuss different topics.

Of course if the student prefers, he/she has the option to continue with the same teacher.



Advantages of a one on one teacher to student situation.

  • Permits us to work with an individual´s challenges and necessities.

  • Permits us to advance the student as soon as he/she comprehends and correctly uses the material taught them.

  • Permits better results in shorter periods of time.

The instructor to student ratio is always one on one; 90% of our instructors have a four-year degree in Spanish.

The average instructor has at least ten years experience.

Some of them speak English, but all can convey explanations for both examples and grammar.

Weekly lesson plans, academic records and attendance reports are maintained and are always available for review by the organization's senior representative as well as the student.

Daily communication with the instructor entails the use of the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills learned in the previous days lessons.


Director: Lic. Mónica Barreno

Learn and Expand your Spanish language knowledges with one of our Spanish Professional courses in Quito Ecuador, South America.


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