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Our Directora is the founder and owner of Galapagos. Because of this she meets with each potential new student to assess their needs and to get them on track with a personalized program best suited to those needs. She takes a personal interest in the goals and aspirations of each potential new student. The success of this school has ridden on her personal philosophy “Galapagos Spanish School is more than a  business to Mónica, it`s her passion and she is personally proud of the success that each student has”.  


The owner of Galápagos Spanish School, Mónica Barreno M.A. (linguisticas and Literature) has  an extensive background as an educator in Ecuador. She is  highly qualified to teach Spanish to non-Spanish speakers. Mónica has  a  university degree in Languages ( Spanish- English and French) with more than 25 years teaching experience.  As  director of the  Galápagos Spanish School, she has been  a pioneer in developing  learning  programs, reading books and  textbooks, specially designed for  non-native speakers. 

Mónica  remains committed to staying up-to-date on the most effective second language acquisition theories and techniques. She is a professional Spanish teacher with 24 years of experience.

President of the  AECE ( Ecuadorian Asociation of  Spanish Schools of Ecuador.) since 1997

“When I  founded the Galápagos Spanish School in 1989, I made it my goal to provide the highest achievable standard of service to our students. Within a just few years we've became one of the leading Spanish schools in South America.



M.A. Mónica Barreno Director

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Accredited by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education
AECE - Asociacion Ecuatoriana de Centros de Enseñanza de Espanol - Association of Spanish Language Centers - Spanish Languages Schools in Ecuador

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Mónica and her 9 years old daughter Nathaly


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