Shared apartement in Quito, cheap accommodation Quito

Our Excursions


Once a week we organize activities, without additional cost, outside the school. We visit interesting museums, Indigenous markets, and other interesting places in Quito, or if you prefer you can stay in the school and continue your classes.


"Tucked in between Perú and Colombia, Ecuador is small enough for you to have breakfast with scarlet macaws in the jungle and at tea time, be eyeballed by an iguana whose patch of Pacific beach you have just borrowed. The spectacular zig-zags and switchbacks of the railway that descends from the highlands, a range of volcanoes- many of them active, a multitude of national parks and conservation areas, all emphasise the incredible variety in Ecuador. The exotic wildlife of the Galápagos Islands will also keep you enthralled, whether it's playing hide-and seek in the crystal-clear waters with sea lions, watching an albatross take off on its flight path, or admiring the sexual paraphernalia of the magnificent frigate bird"

South American Handbook 2001


During your visit to our country you will participate in different cultural, social, and sporting events organized by the school. We also keep our students informed about the events organized by different entities of our country.




As part of our family philosophy it is natural that we will help you in whatever way we can. The school has built up contacts to suit best your needs.

We can help you in the following areas

      • Tourist information and travel arrangements
      • Internet and email facilities
      • Volunteer work
      • Help with visa related problems
      • Medical and legal advice
      • Storage posibilities
      • Safety deposit box
      • Bank transfers
      • Salsa Lessons


Upon arrival to Ecuador, transportation from the airport to the school or to the place where the student will lodge. Be sure to include your name, date and time of your arrival, airline and flight number


Update information of several topics, helps with the reservation and obtaining of discounts in tours to the several regions of the Ecuador (Costa, Sierra, East and Tortoises). Information has more than enough migration, continuation of visas, hospitals, travel agencies, airlines, etc.


We provide coffee, tea or milk during the breaks

Director: Lic. Mónica Barreno

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