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Galapagos Spanish School in Quito Ecuador Galapagos Spanish School in Quito Ecuador Galapagos Spanish School in Quito Ecuador Galapagos Spanish School in Quito Ecuador Galapagos Spanish School in Quito Ecuador Galapagos Spanish School in Quito Ecuador Galapagos Spanish School in Quito Ecuador

Spanish Programs & Courses

in Quito - Ecuador


Whatever your reservation needs may be, Galápagos Spanish School can provide the solution to your needs. We have the talent, the experience, the materials and the proven expertise to provide you the best possible chance for learning and improving your spanish knowledge. Our school's study programs are individually designed to allow enrollment at any time, and completion as rapidly as time and ability permit, with or without residency with a local hospitable family.

We have intensive individual Spanish Courses throughout the year for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

Our total program requires twelve weeks. You can study as long as your time permits.

It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of Spanish

However, if you do have prior knowledge of Spanish, you will receive an exam to assess your present level. You will then be automatically placed at the level you tested.

Every person that comes to the Galapagos Spanish School has his / her own reasons to learn this language. Some come to improve their tourism survival skills in south america and others to acquire specific communication abilities (business, medical, technical, literary). We teach Spanish for beginners, intermediates, and advanced.


Basic Spanish

Spanish for travellers

Spanish for kids

Spanish and Culture

Quito Activo program

Spanish for 60 or +

* A1

* A2

* B1

* B2

* C1

* C2

**(Basic Spanish is required)

1. Basic Spanish
2. Literary Analysis (**)
3. Commercial Spanish (**)
4. Medical Spanish (**)
5. Tourism Spanish (**)
6. Quito-Active

7. Preparation for the DELE examination (**)

8. SKYPE lessons

9. Students Visa Application


This program was especially designed for those people who want to learn and enjoy the city and its interesting areas in or outside Quito.

This program is 7 hours. Four hours are used for formal lessons in the school and three hours are used to explore nice and interesting places such us the equator line, the old colonial city, some indigenous markets, etc.


Students Visa: Our fully accredited Spanish School will be able to support and provide you with all the necessary documents for you to apply to get a students visa. You are required to provide us with:


Passport color copy

Confirmation of the deposit

Home Address in your country and

Telephone number


No documents will be sent untill complete payment confirmation has been made.





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